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  • Geophysical Survey
  • Groundwater Modelling
  • Groundwater Treatment Plant
  • Air Selangor
  • East Water

Geophysical Survey

Mont’ Kiara, Kuala Lumpur (2008)

Earth resistivity imaging (ERT) method was adopted whereby 2D resistivity surveys were carried out at a site in the vicinity of Mont’ Kiara area. The purpose of the survey is to indicate the best possible locations for groundwater exploration. Three survey lines were carried out using a modified Lund Imaging system with 4 cables, 5 m between the electrode take outs and 86 electrodes. Field acquired data was processed using Aarhus Workbench and later inversed using RES2DINV application.

Groundwater Modelling

Mahkota Industrial Estate, Beranang, Selangor (2008)

It has been known that groundwater is being exploited commercially within the Mahkota Industrial Estate but there is no known groundwater study carried out for the said area to assess its groundwater condition and effect of groundwater pumping there.

A groundwater modelling was carried out to simulate the effect of groundwater pumping using Visual Modflow application. The groundwater model is validated using data from a short test pumping on the existing production wells and based on well data & records obtained from LUAS and JMG Selangor.

From this groundwater study, the water balance for the modeled area indicates that the total groundwater abstraction is well below the groundwater recharge for the whole industrial estate. However further study is required to determine the safe yield for long-term pumping at the industrial estate that includes a total of 15 production wells.

Groundwater Treatment Plant

ONWater has designed and built a mobile treatment plant for Sime Darby. The treatment plant has been tested in Cluny Estate, Slim River and is able to produce 5m3 per hour of treated water based on groundwater. The groundwater is abstracted from the nearby well fields.

Air Selangor


Perbadanan Air Selangor Sdn. Bhd. (PASSB) employed Online Aquis Hydraulic Modeling System as the analysis and monitoring tool as part of the modernization efforts to transform the Operation Command Centre (OCC) into Intelligent Command Centre (ICC). The project included upgrading the existing SCADA systems into AVEVA Wonderware System Platform (WSP) - an extended and more comprehensive SCADA platform. This upgrade allows seamless integration of WSP and Online Aquis Hydraulic Modeling System.

Air Selangor top management showcasing Online Aquis Hydraulic Modelling System to the Menteri Besar of Selangor.
- Image courtesy of TheStar-

East Water, Rayong, Thailand embarked on integrated solution for Command Control Centre.
- Image courtesy of EastWater.com-

East Water


Eastern Water Resource Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water operate to manage raw water transmission system through a large water pipe to feed industrial sectors and for consumption to support the plan for developing eastern coastal area into the main industrial zone in Thailand. In 2020, East Water embarked on a full-scale implementation of a state-of-the-art integrated solution for Command Control Centre (CCC) including SCADA upgrade, Asset Management System, Power Management System and Online Modeling System including Network Optimization and Leak Detection. The project implementation is expected to be completed by 2022.

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